Seminar General

Data : Luni 07.07.2014, ora 11:00

Locatie : Sala de seminar INCDFM.

Titlu : "The Ring of Brownian motion: The good, the bad and some simply silly".

Prezinta : Prof. Peter Hänggi, University of Augsburg, Germany - Biografie

Abstract prezentare : Descarcare


Two major events were organized by the National Institute of Materials Physics (NIMP) in the period 11-20 of June 2014 :

1. The 24th edition of the CERN-RD50 Workshop, held between 11 and 13 of June at hotel Novotel, Bucharest, Romania.

2. The 14th edition of Electroceramics Conference, held between 15 and 20 of June at hotel Intercontinental, Bucharest, Romania.

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