Horia Hulubei Foundation


The Horia Hulubei Foundation (HHF, in Romanian : Fundatia Horia Hulubei) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, created with the goal of contributing to the development of research and training in physics. HHF promotes the values of democracy in the Romanian scientific community and in its international contacts. HHF considers that the professional competence and the moral norms are the pillars which sustain a sound scientific activity.

HHF bears this name in the memory of the distinguished Romanian scholar, Horia Hulubei (1896 – 1972), the founding father of atomic physics in Romania. Horia Hulubei was not only a brilliant scientist, but also a dedicated professor and a person of high moral stature. A biography of Horia Hulubei (in Romanian) can be found in the old version of the site. Some useful information about Hulubei is included in Wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horia_Hulubei ), which has a link to an informative paper, written by Marco Fontani, concerning Hulubei’s efforts of identifying the element 87 (Francium). Hulubei’s personality remains a challenging example for the Romanian physics community.

The Horia Hulubei Foundation (HHF) was created by the association of a group of physicists, many of them former collaborators or students of the eminent scholar Horia Hulubei, in September 4, 1992. HHF became a juridical person on March 14, 1994, by a decision of the Bucharest Court.

HHF has been re-accredited as an institution of scientific research in 2009, according to the rules and regulations of ANCS, by the ANCS decision no. 9737/01.10.2009.

HHF is hosting the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Development through Research and Education in Modern Physics, established in 2010.