Thermal analysis on C6H10Ge2O7-doped MgB2

Thermal analysis on C6H10Ge2O7-doped MgB2

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Journal Article


Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Volume 127, Issue 1, p.173-179 (2017)




<p>Additives to MgB2 can improve the superconducting functional characteristics, such as critical current density (J (c)) and irreversibility field (H (irr)). Recently, we have shown that repagermanium (C6H10Ge2O7) is an effective additive, enhancing both J (c) and H (irr). To look into details of the processes taking place during the reactive sintering, a thermal analysis study (0.167 K s(-1), in Ar) is reported. We used differential scanning calorimetry between 298 and 863 K and simultaneous thermogravimetric-differential thermal analysis between 298 and 1233 K. Samples were mixtures of powders with composition 97 mol% MgB2 and 3 mol% C6H10Ge2O7. Up to 863 K, repagermanium decomposes by multiple steps and forms amorphous phases. A reaction with MgB2 is not observed. Above this temperature, partial decomposition of MgB2 occurs. Crystalline Ge and MgO are detected before formation of Mg2Ge and MgB4, when temperature approaches the melting point of Ge (1211 K). Carbon substitution for boron in the crystal lattice of MgB2 is observed for samples heated above 863 K. The amount of substitutional C does not significantly change with temperature.</p>