Dr. Victor Kuncser
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+40-(0)21-2418 125
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Senior Researcher I
Laboratory of Magnetism and Superconductivity
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Nanocomposites, thin layers and multilayered magntofunctional nanostructures. Magnetic interactions and atomic interdiffusion at the surface. Surface and interface phenomena. Local spin configurations. Magneto-transport and magneto-optic phenomena. Magneto-conductive and magneto-electric nanostructures. Spin valves. Magnetic sensors. Diluted magnetic semiconductors.Magnetic nanostructures for permanent magnets. Nanostructures based on exchange-spring effects. Magnetic nanostructures with shape anisotropy (magnetic mono- and multi-wall).Molecular magnets. Dimension, dimensionality and interface effects.Magnetic nanoclusters dispersed in metallic/semiconducting/polymer matrices.Magnetic nanostructures in carbon allotropes. Magnetic nanofluids. Magnetic relaxation phenomena in systems of magnetic nanoparticles and applications in biomedicine. Local electronic phenomena and electron configurations in oxides and catalytic systems.